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Caroline Allan

Raw Food Chef & Health Promoter


Good Food Good Feelings is a small Scottish rural company, passionate about producing healthier

more natural wholefood products for everyone to enjoy.

My products are wholefood, plant based, vegan friendly, free from refined white sugar and naturally free from gluten.

The reason I set up this company is offer you delicious food from natures larder.


10+ years ago I found out about this Raw Vegan Lifestyle quite by accident, partly through researching into someone else's illness, though really, as I had reached rock bottom in my own life, was seriously ill and not realising just how bad...cutting a long story short, discovering this way of eating brought me into a new, quite amazing life of relief and health I`d never experienced before...

When you consume food this way, the gently body clears toxic build ups-physically and emotionally, you will experience so much energy, enjoy clear thoughts and feel great every day.

If you are ready to feel fantastic, perhaps start on some delicious products or why not consider a personal consultation where I guide you into eating for health in a way which works for you and your schedule and lifestyle.

Here are some of the most popular products...

Fermented Foods-Live, Unpasteurized, Vegan Friendly, Gluten Free

Scottish Style Kimchi

Apple & Ginger Kraut

The Purple One

Seasonal Limited Editions

Prebiotic and Probiotic Crackers

Kimchi Crackers

Kraut Crackers

Onion Crackers

Kimchi Doritos-coming soon

Dehydrated (not cooked) to keep the goodness alive. Crunchy, crispy, tasty live Crackers-ideal for lunchtime or afternoon snack which won`t slow you down-experiment with different toppings, perhaps avocado, humous, fermented salsa or more kimchi - find your perfect combination.


Available in 250ml or 500ml refillable bottles.

Upgrade your gut / immunity health by adding fermented foods into your life... 

Brewed from Organic Tea, this delicious fermented tea offers you bubbles and flavours direct from nature-ideal with any meal, people report easier digestive experience after drinking just a wee glass.

I love to create delicious food and drink with a mission to serve our Gut Health, Immune system, Mental Health and general Well Being. 

We know 70-80% of our immune system resides in our gut, so NOW really is the time to start adding in more

traditional, live, plant based fermented foods to your diet to help keep your gut microbiome and immune system in the best shape possible. 

Super Booster Bars

Packed Peanut Butter Bar

Superfood Mint Chocolate Bar

Coconut Lemon & Turmeric Bar

Chocolate Express-oh! Bar

Coming Soon-Chocolate Orange Bar