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Caroline Allan

Raw Food Chef & Health Promoter


Good Food Good Feelings is a small Scottish rural company, passionate about producing healthier

more natural food products for everyone to enjoy.

My products are wholefood, plant based, vegan friendly, free from refined white sugar and naturally free from gluten.

The reason I set up this company is offer you delicious food from natures larder.


10 years ago I fell into this Raw Vegan Lifestyle quite by accident, partly though research into someone else's illness, though really, as I had reached rock bottom in my own life, was seriously sick, however, cutting a long story short, this way of eating brought me into a new, quite amazing life of relief and health I`d never experienced before...

When you consume food this way, the gently body clears toxic build ups-physically and emotionally, you will experience so much energy, enjoy clear thoughts and feel great every day.

If you are ready to feel fantastic, its great to start on these delicious products or why not consider a personal consultation where I guide you into eating for health in a way which works for you.

Here are some of the most popular products...

Fermented Foods-Live and Unpasteurized

Scottish Style Kimchi

Apple & Ginger Kraut

Limited Editions

Prebiotic and Probiotic Crackers

Kimchi Crackers

Kraut Crackers

Onion Crackers

Dehydrated (not cooked) to keep the goodness alive. Crunchy, crispy, tasty live Crackers-ideal for lunchtime or afternoon snack which won`t slow you down-experiment with different toppings, perhaps avocado, humous, fermented salsa or more kimchi - find your perfect combination.


Brewed from Organic Tea, these second ferments offer you bubbles and tongue tingling flavours from nature-ideal with any meal, often people report easier digestion experience after drinking just a wee glass.

Delicious food and drink with a mission to serve your Gut Health, Immune system and general Well Being. 

We know 70-80% of our immune system resides in our gut, so NOW really is THE time to start adding in more

traditional fermented foods to your diet to help keep your gut and immune system in the best shape possible. 

Help sustain and upgrade your gut / immunity health by adding fermented foods into your life. 

Benefits of a Wholefood, Plant Based, Raw Vegan Lifestyle


Stress, toxins, noise pollution, sedentary work environments, screen time, food without nutrients - our body is under constant attack!

But we are not powerless...

With the right daily choices, we can repair, prevent serious diseases and thrive again with a vibrant body and calm, confident mind...

There are now decades of evidence on the association between dietary habits and common mental and emotional/hormonal disorders, such as anxiety and depression. While the food we eat affects our mental health, our mental health also impacts on our relationship with food.

Supercharge your life by consuming more raw (Real Alive Whole) vegan food, supporting your body to cleanse and rejuvenate naturally.

Choose to include more variety of raw fresh food and you too could experience a wide range of benefits...

  • Improve your immune function-less colds, flu and infections

  • Reduce pain including arthritic, fluid retention and bloating

  • Raw vegan lifestyles helps reduce or illuminate migraines

  • Improve sleep quality, eliminate nightmares or recurring negative thoughts

  • Lose weight (should you need to)

  • Improve digestion and absorption of nutrients

  • Reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes and other chronic conditions

  • Develop clearer skin, radiant complexion and stronger hair

  • Increase energy and vitality

This list could continue however I hope this gives you a wee idea of the power or how this lifestyle/diet could help you.


Contact me for more information on how you can take the next step towards greater health...