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Raw Food Chef & Health Promoter


Benefits of the Raw Vegan Diet/Lifestyle

Supercharge your life by consuming more raw vegan food, thereby supporting your body to cleanse and rejuvenate naturally. Choose to include more raw food and you too could experience a wide range of benefits.

  • improve immune function-less colds, flu and infections

  • reduce pain (including arthritic), fluid retention and bloating

  • may help reduce or illuminate migraines

  • Improve sleep quality

  • lose weight (if you need to)

  • Improve digestion and absorption of nutrients

  • reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes and other chronic conditions

  • Develop clearer skin, radiant complexion and stronger hair

  • increase energy and vitality

Good Food Good Feelings will provide you with quality organic products and delicious nutritious food. 

Where possible ingredients are sourced from the local area, supporting near by farmers and other smaller growers in the community. With consideration to our Environmental health, packaging is reusable, recyclable and/or compostable. 

All products gift you with everything you need and nothing you don`t.

Always made with nutrition, flavour and love in mind!

Vegan...Free From Refined White Sugar...Gluten Free...Palm Oil Free 

Due to the isolation roles, pick ups are available from Good Food Good Feelings Kitchen gate 

Email me for the potential of FREE DELIVERY if you live within a 5 mile radius.

...check where I am on Google maps to see how close you are!

Featured Products:

Fermented Foods

Scottish Style Kim Chi and Golden Sauerkraut Jars-Alive and unpasteurized.

Prebiotic and Probiotic Kim Chi Crackers and Onion Crackers-Dehydrated (not cooked) to keep the goodness alive.

Bio Bag

Your Bio Bag comes packed with delicious foods with a mission to serve your Gut Health, Immune system and general Well Being. Includes x7 unique products;

Breakfast Boosters, A jar of Fermented Food, Crackers (as above), Gift Box (chocolate treats!), Bottle of Kombucha,

A tantalizing organic flavoured Tea, A beautiful Affirmation Card. Personally delivered and pick up options only.

Superfood Breakfast Boosters

Uniquely created recipe combines organic super foods into delicious and highly nutritious Breakfast Boosters-packed with seeds, sprouted buckwheat, Scottish GF Oats, super powders, dates and many more scrumptious ingredients to create a truly tasty, incredibly beneficial, sustainable, satisfying breakfast to keep you feeling fuller until your next meal. 

Perfect for those long days out, pre and post work outs, hill walking.


Classes And Workshops-currently on hold due to isolation guidelines

You will see classes and workshops on a regular basis, except, unfortunately during this COVID-19 lockdown.

The classes are kept small in order to cover as much as possible on the chosen subject/s and offer you the best value.

Always popular, are the Fermented Foods workshops-for more info for the future, just click "BOOK CLASS" above.

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