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Pack of x 4 Bars

One of my favourites!

Delicious freshly made 100% organic ingredinets-coconut, cashews, lemon, turmeric & wee pinch of black pepper to help with the turmeric absorbency. Turmeric is also fat soluble-which is one reason it is a perfect team member with coconut & some cashew nuts. Both copper & manganese in the coconut supports collagen production keeping our connective tissues strong. Copper in desiccated coconut also maintains our brain health by activating enzymes responsible for the production of neurotransmitters.
Ayurveda is the oldest study of healing in the world; some of the most popular herbs used by Ayurvedic practitioners are incorporated into Good Food Good Feelings biscuits, bars & Breakfast Boosters.

Ingredients: Dates*, Desiccated Coconut*(30%), Cashew Nuts*,
Ground Turmeric*(1%), Cacao Butter*, Cacao Powder*, Agave*, Lemon Oil (Rapeseed Oil), Ground Black Pepper*.
min 60g per Bar
*=Organic ingredients
Allergy Advice: Allergens shown in bold
Vegware Compostable wrappers

(x4pack)Coconut, Lemon & Turmeric Bars

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