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Pack of x4 Bars

Chocolate & Peppermint Bars with another delicious health twist-what else would you expect from Good Food Good Feelings...!?

Chocolate & Mint have always been a great match. However on top of this, I have sneaked in some green powders (which I promise you wont taste) for a great nutritional boost to your snack! Green powders are so nutrient dense & thereby can help make up for potential deficiencies. 

Being one of the most nutrient rich foods on the planet, Spirulina is considered a ‘complete’ protein-contains all the essential amino acids, this makes it a great addition for any athletes or anyone taking up an exercise plan. 


Ingredients: Dates*, Sprouted Buckwheat*, Raisins*, Cacao Powder*(15%), Cacao Butter*, Carob Powder*, Cacao Nibs*(4%), Agave*, Spirulina Powder*, Chlorella Powder*, *(1%), Peppermint Oil*(Rapeseed Oil).

Min 60g+ per Bar (This is a pack of x 4 Bars)


*=Organic Ingredients

Allergy advice: Allergens shown in bold

Vegware compostible wrappers with recyclable card label

(x4pack)Superfood Mint Chocolate Bars

SKU: 0010
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