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Health, Energy & Vitality or Weight Loss Sessions

Are you needing to get back on track when it comes to better food choices for meals, are you battling a health concern, wish to lose some weight, perhaps you want to embark on a more holistic health journey, reduce your meat or refined sugar consumption, eat more local or unsure where to start with a veg box?

Maybe you are interested or want to learn more about the health benefits of raw vegan food and how they could help you? I`m here to help...

I aim to educate, empower and inspire you to live a healthy sustainable lifestyle, to heal and to feel amazing EVERYDAY. One of my missions is to support you in understanding healthy eating, making it interesting, easy, delicious, flexible and fun!

I invite you to join me if you are ready for change(see Testimonials to find out how people felt)

Avoid media confusion, sales gimmicks or magazines promotions - 

enjoy a new adventure updating your current routine in achievable, sustainable, delicious steps…

A personalized consultation will offer insight, knowledge and support on how to achieve YOUR optimal vitality, whether you’re an athlete training for a sports event but hate those gels! , a busy parent prioritising others,

hoping to shed a few pounds or just exploring vegan recipes and needing a few ideas.

With any of the consultation options mentioned below, topical issues are covered;

·       Menu planning, inspiration and recipes ideas.

·       Helping you plan for optimum health to achieve that energy and vitality life is supposed to be.

·       Reduce pain, IBS, mood swings, lethargy or many other systemic concerns.

·       Create a long-term dietary / lifestyle adaption to improve overall health and vibrancy.

·       Discuss accessible routines and diet options to allow your body to naturally heal.

Venues: Consultations, depending on requirements, are able to take place either:

*In your own home

*Good Food Good Feelings Certified Kitchen, Kirkton of Auchterhouse,

*Via Whats App/Zoom or phone call.

(Minimal travel costs may apply outside the Dundee/Angus region)​​ 

Choose to pay by bank transfer, card machine or cash.

1:1 or 1:4 In The Same Household / Friends or Social Circle

A Week In Raw!


You will gift yourself more energy than you thought was possible, clear skin, eyes, stable temperament and balancing hormones.

Here I offer you a plan to focus on including high raw vegan plant based wholefood recipes as well as ideas on how to adapt any fruit or veg dishes. You will be given simple, and just as important-EASY recipes to follow and keep so you will really start to feel results. we will also create some achievable fitness goals where you can have fun together achieving a more rounded programme.

This is a fantastic opportunity, not just to lose weight (only if required), but feel great mentally and will understand the power of "raw food" when you try this!

1:1 or 1:2
(2+ hours) £90 total

Particularly beneficial for weight loss, energy levels, sleep issues, arthritic pain and athletic focus.

This is an ideal opportunity to learn how to create quick and easily assembled healthy vegan meals/snacks/drinks.

Perhaps you have a niggling health concern?

If so, a raw vegan lifestyle has been shown to help ease symptoms...often eliminate many health issues entirely.

We work through your lifestyle and current routine to access and look for adaptions / swaps with tasty new recipes to explore - the level of "raw" is entirely up to you in the end-though I do recommend high raw vegan in order to gain the most positive impact in the shortest time.

There will always be an understanding supportive ear during and after your session to hear how you are progressing.

BEST VALUE - Book x3 sessions-1 session per week over 4 weeks  £250

Flexible session types and times available. Contact me for more info.

Small Private Group
4 - 6 people (4 hours) £150 total

Gather a few friends/colleagues/family/yoga class mates/whoever you enjoy spending time with, for a small private session. Generally includes tasters and recipe ideas to implement at home.

Your topic will be discussed before our session.

The more popular topics:

Fermenting foods,

Dehydrating delights, 

Raw desserts,

Dinner party food,

Creating your own super food energy bars

This will be more of a small informal session rather than a personal consultation however particular concerns are often covered in light detail according to group needs, everyone will have the opportunity to book a personal consultation afterwards if desired.

Weight Loss Program
1:1 POA

Running for a 4 week block provides the opportunity for delving deeper into sustainable weight and body composition reduction. Meeting in person is best although a virtual connection is a good option too.

We will work on recipe and formula building, looking into triggers for the choices we make, introduce then develop healthy plans and habits, find enjoyable achievable movement/exercise options and so much more.

This offers a personalized program to take YOU through tips and recipes for starting to feel fantastic and transition towards a high raw vegan clean eating lifestyle. Among other aspects, we will delve into the principles of SOS...Sugar, Oil and Salt. I will teach you how to "listen to your body". You will find freedom rather than the feeling of deprivation which is often associated with mainstream "diets".

We have our own bio individuality and discovering what makes YOU function at your absolute best will be part for our journey to weight loss and increased quality of life for life.

This is an exceptional opportunity to delve into and joyfully embrace the healthier, fun aspects of living and we are most likely to address health concerns during this time.

There will be a light practical element so these sessions - ideal to undertake in your own home or at the Good Food Good Feelings Kitchen / surrounding area.

This requires a commitment of only 2 hours during the first week at a mutually agreed time - whether in person, by phone or screen time. I will be absolutely dedicated to creating a program just for YOU.

Contact me for more details.

If you would like a quick FREE 15 minute chat to see how a consultation could help or for more information, please do contact me - 07919123307-leave a message or text as i may be out of signal/working in the kitchen-or if im really lucky-playing outside!!


Copyright © 2018 Good Food Good Feelings

I, the therapist/raw food chef, am not able to claim to cure or to diagnose any medical condition in the same regard as a physician, as my opinion is that of a holistic, complementary, alternative therapist and researcher, my professional opinions, advice, examinations and recommendations do NOT constitute the medical advice of a doctor. Clients/patients should seek the advice of their doctor or other qualified health provider in the case of a medical emergency, medical ailment and should never delay or disregard in seeking it.

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