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I love these unique "Dorito" style crackers, a perfect way to enjoy crunch the healthy way and avoid the additive properties of crisps. They are dehydrated at low temperatures (average 42ºC), in order to preserve natural enzymes & vitality of the ingredients.

These unique GFGF raw vegan "Doritos" are created using the delicious blend of the fresh fermented Scottish Style Kimchi and juice with the super nutrition of ground flax seeds.

Made in small batches, these pack in plant based protein and offers you a super nutritious, filling snack of omega 3 fatty acids, prebiotics and probiotics.


Eat as they are or create a delicious dip, add more fresh kimchi, avocado, vegan nut spread or other healthy condiment on top.


Ingredients: Scottish Style Kimchi (carrots*, swede, apple*, ginger*, radish, garlic*, spring onion, red chilli, cayenne*, sea salt*), Ground & whole Flaxseeds*.

min 40g

*=organic ingredients.

Resealable, Bio-degradable Packet

Prebiotic & Probiotic Kimchi Doritos

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