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Natural • Raw • Vegan
Wholefood Products & Holistic Health Consultations
"Let Food Be Thy Medicine"
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  • 1:1 & 1:2 Consultations

  • Chef Training

  • Weight Loss Support & Guidance

Products are made from nutritious, organic wholefood ingredients. There are no additives, chemicals or unnecessary fillers in our range. Raw food is naturally free from gluten & refined white sugar.

Good Food Good Feelings has a passion for creating products for natural health, nutrition & sustainable energy. Promoting conscious eating & positive lifestyle choices.

Caring for our environment by using Compostable/Bio-Degradable or Recyclable packaging.

Biscuits & Bars With Benefits-Delicious & fresh creations may contain Ancient Herbs, Ayurvedic Plants / Powders or Superfoods for extra nutritional plant based power which may help boost vitality & energy.

Local Ingredients-supporting local farmers, thusly a few products may change seasonally…look into FB & Instagram for new creations.

Health Promoter & Raw Food Chef

Formally trained in physical education, coaching & massage/energy therapy. My time as a personal trainer & sports coach (including special needs & Olympic team members) & a great number of years in Community & Health Education has equipped me with skills & experience to help those from all walks of life.

Having laterally studied Nutritional Science as well as being a certified Raw Food Chef gives me a unique insight into helping treat a range of health issues. This, coupled with own experience with suffering from a number of health issues throughout the years, puts me in the ideal position to be able to understand your needs & requirements on a personal & professional level, I aim to provide support, informed information & education to all those on a quest for vitality.


Education And Background

Formally trained in Physical Education, Community Education, Personal Training, Sports Coaching, Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology, Massage, Energy Therapy and Health Education prior to studying Nutritional Science and becoming a Certified Raw Vegan Chef in 2011. 

I loved my career-dedicated as a Personal Trainer / Coach with Special Needs and Olympic Team members, as well as Early Years in Gymnastics, Community Health and Sports Education - working with so many amazing people.

These years gifted me with variable and valuable experiences, a unique insight into helping people with a range of

health and lifestyle issues. This, coupled with continuing research and of course, dealing and dissolving my own health issues throughout the years, allows me to understand your needs and requirements on a personal level.

I aim to educate, empower and inspire you to live a healthy sustainable lifestyle, to heal and to feel amazing EVERYDAY. One of my missions is to support you in understanding healthy eating, making it interesting, easy, delicious, flexible and fun!

"Let Food Be Thy Medicine And Medicine Be Thy Food"

Hippocrates-Father of modern medicine


You will have heard of the phrase; "you are what you eat"...?

Well, certainly evidence and research backs this up...however it is also about

how we eat, (and how we relate to what we eat)

when we eat, 

volume for the meal and

what we eat as well as our

journey in life up until this point (exercise and mental health routines play their part too).

With weight and mental health concerns still requiring support across the nation, to a degree, our health is something we are in a position to be able to control...each of us is in charge of what we put into our and our families mouths.

Returning to what Nature provides is really the ideal for self healing opportunities, raw and living foods offer vibrancy, energy and life to help restore depleted reserves and a tired system. To naturally "detox" our bodies, consuming wholesome hearty breakfasts, fresh fruits, leafy green and veggie salads, meals and snacks packed with nutritious and powerful super foods will kick start you on the journey to health.

Reduction in pain or certain conditions can vanish on a high raw food may be surprised of the power.

Consuming plant-based meals packed with their own perfectly formed proteins, vitamins, minerals and incorporating a variety of sprouts, limited seeds and nuts, created such a monumental change for me and in the many others I studied and held consultations with.

Eating the best fresh food offers sustainable energy levels, promotes brain function and repair, supports alertness, clearer thinking, our spiritual connections to nature. Even small steps can show great results-quickly.

This is why Good Food Good Feelings creates delicious handcrafted products...there was never anything on the market when I started out, which actually tasted ok! Think of how we use all the senses when we eat-I was just not feeling it..! I needed to create my own snacks and meals to enjoy.

There are no nasty additives, chemicals or unnecessary fillers in my range what`s more-"raw food" is naturally free from gluten and no refined white sugar is used so no need to worry if you are eliminating sugar, (well done), in fact many people find out quite quickly that they had/have a health issue-it was/could be, most likely, covered up by inflammation-our bodies "self preservation" and alarm system.

My aim is to provide support, accurate information, training and education to all those on a quest for vitality.

I have a passion for creating raw vegan, plant based products, fermented foods and meals for natural health, potentially resolving your health crisis and promoting conscious eating alongside positive lifestyle choices.

It is simple yet very effective.

So Why Raw Vegan?

On a personal level...

Having endured a host of ailments from early days I was initially sceptical that anything would resolve my physical and mental state! However in my mid 30`s raw veganism appeared to me, this was actually as a result of researching someone else`s arthritis condition! I had been vegetarian for 20+ years, turned vegan then within 2 weeks I was embracing raw veganism-I have never looked back from what is obviously a self healing journey with healthier food and sensible lifestyle choices.

Through intuition, experimentation, research, dedication, training and education, I'm pleased to be free from the ill health which bound me during far to many years-so am now stepping far more healthfully and gracefully towards 50!!

Nothing else created the dramatic all round positive effects that eating raw vegan has had.

Below are just a few concerns which affected me until starting to eat more raw vegan and eliminating the more harmful choices-perhaps you are familiar with some of these...? if so, you should get in touch...

  • Depression, suicidal thoughts, emotional issues, anxiety, negative thoughts, phobias and fears

  • Raynaud's disease - circulation problems

  • Very regular colds, running nose, flu, yearly glandular fever occurrences

  • Rosacea pink/purple blotchy and inflamed cheeks, uneven skin tone and spots

  • PMT - hormonal imbalances

  • Physical stiffness, aches and pains

  • Low recovery rate after physical exercise

  • Food allergies and intolerance's

  • Cravings for high fat and sugary foods

  • Complete memory loss, severe weight loss and unhealthy weight gain at different stages

  • Drinking and addiction to prescription drugs

Maybe this list doesn't seem much-or perhaps some points are very familiar to you? Store them in a package of this wee human body for a duration of time and it was all to much for my system to deal with. I crashed and burned badly, thinking I could never be well-no idea where to go for help either.

There can be a fair amount more to anyone's life journey and therefore would be happy to share the other challenges if it can help you realize the power of raw food-feel free to contact me.

If you would like a FREE 15 minute chat to see if a personalized session will help, please do contact me, I would love to hear your story...we will be in this together.

Wishing you Health & Happiness

Caroline x

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