PACK OF X10 Slices

I LOVE this Slice...delicious, rich and smooth, it incorporates, organic sprouted hazelnuts, pure organic chocolate and finely ground Fairtrade Organic Coffee from The Bean Shop in Perth. This thoughtful combination of ingredients provide a sustainable slow energy release rather than the quick hit and dip from a cup of coffee. The coffee is chosen carefully - the aroma and flavour of sweet cherry and hint of chocolate, a lively acidity and rich body compliments this Chocolate Express-oh! Slice exquisitely.

These bars are ideal for hikes, bike rides, endurance races as well as a mid morning boost at the desk or if you`re whizzing about the shops or gym. Sit and relax, why not divide the bar into small bite size pieces if you`re a nibbler!


Ingredients: Sprouted Hazelnuts*, Dates*, Raisins*, Freshly Finely Ground Coffee Beans* (La Pena Del Leon-Fairtrade Organic) (8%), Cacao Butter*(8%), Cacao Powder*(8%), Cacao Nibs*, Agave*, Vanilla Powder(Sprouted Buckwheat* & Vanilla Pod).

Approx 50g per Slice

*=Organic Ingredients

Allergy Advice: Allergens shown in bold

Bio degradable wrappers

(x10Pack)Choc Chip Express-Oh! Slices

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