PACK OF X10 Slices

I LOVE this Slice...delicious, rich and smooth, it incorporates, sprouted hazelnuts, pure chocolate and finely ground Fairtrade Organic Coffee from The Bean Shop in Perth. This thoughtful combination of ingredients provide a sustainable slow energy release rather than the quick hit and dip from a cup of coffee. The coffee is chosen carefully - the aroma and flavour of sweet cherry and hint of chocolate, a lively acidity and rich body compliments this Chocolate Express-oh! Slice exquisitely.

These bars are ideal for hikes, bike rides, endurance races as well as a mid morning boost at the desk or if you`re whizzing about the shops or gym. Sit and relax, why not divide the bar into small bite size pieces if you`re a nibbler!


Ingredients: Sprouted Almonds*, Dates*, Raisins*, Freshly Finely Ground Coffee Beans* (La Pena Del Leon-Fairtrade Organic) (8%), Cacao Butter*(8%), Cacao Powder*(8%), Cacao Nibs*, Agave*, Vanilla Powder(Sprouted Buckwheat* & Vanilla Pod).

Approx 50g per Slice

*=Organic Ingredients

Allergy Advice: Allergens shown in bold

Bio degradable wrappers

Chocolate Chip Express-Oh! Slices(x10 pack)

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